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Post  Jillian0 on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:23 am

I had a slow start in this game: honestly, there is a lot going on and I had no idea about alliances, raids, ships, stat farming and such. This resulted in me falling way behind in damage, loot, officers and so on. What I'd like to do is to give you all the information I can about my character and ask the experienced players in this alliance to give me a roadmap to try and get back in track. If something is missing, let me know and I'll try to add more info.

Gustavo - lv 270 Space Reaver - last update 28/01/13
7 GS - 121M credits
All lv7 Facilities

Attack 650 (1915)
Defense 130 (1604)
Energy 576 (616)
Stamina 657 (730)
Honor ?? (315)
AP 965 (2500 already spent on 1 Ulula)
BSI 3.20something

Notable equipment
- Main hand: Winter Wolf Blaster (equipped); Crimson Energy Claw, Bonnie, Deathflora Gun, Psi-Hound Axe, Roaring Death, Santa's Nice Blaster, Super Space Slaughter Blade, Veck's Blaster
- Off hand: Winter Wolf Sword (equipped); Besalaad Blaster, CC Battle Cannon, Clyde, Kalaxian Cult Energy Blade, Neutron Blaster, Psi-Hound Whip, Savior of the Empire Sword, Talia's Pistol
- Helmet: Angry Snowman Helm (equipped); Blue Dwarf Helmet, Bluthian Gamer Wig, Face of the Colossa, High Society Gloriousness, Hygiene Trooper Helmet, Kalaxian Cult Mask, Niflung Storm Helmet, Vengeful Shadow Helmet
- Chest: Quiskerian Priest Robe (equipped); Baron Beatdown Armor, Bluthian Gamer Top, Hygiene Trooper Chest Armor, Piscarian Rocker's Jacket, Savior of the Empire Cuirass
- Gloves: Quiskerian Priest Gloves (equipped); Baron Beatdown Gauntlets, Blue Dwarf Gloves, Hands of the Colossa, Imperial Battle Gloves, Niflung Saga Bracers, Niflung Storm Rippers, Piscarian Rocker's Bracelets, Savior of the Empire Gauntlets
- Pants: Quiskerian Priest Trousers (equipped); Blue Dwarf Leg Armor, High Society Opulence, Hygiene Trooper Leg Armor, Niflung Saga Pants, Piscarian Rocker's Pants, Savior of the Empire Leg Armor
- Boots: Quiskerian Priest Boots (equipped); Baron Beatdown Boots, Blue Dwarf Boots, Hero of the Empire Boots, High Society Splendor, Savior of the Empire Boots.
- Trinket: Winter Wolf Eye (equipped); Hero of the Empire Ring, Imperial Stratagems, Psi-Hound Eyes, Savior of the Empire Ring, Screaming Barracuda's Greatest Hits
- Utility: Eggnog Plus System (equipped); Little Devil, Murderous Rabbit, Psi-Hound, Robot Reindeer, Savior of the Empire Qilin, Ulula
- Tactics: Calculated Shot, Counterattack, Death World, Element of Surprise, Espirit de Corps, Flank Attack, Overconfidence, Plan 10 from Outer Space, Prey on the Weak, Pursuit of Excellence, Quiskerian Psi-Eye, Ruthlessness, Space Raiders, Sting like a Bee, Suppressive Fire

Santa's Stellar Sleigh (currently used); Advanced Strike Squad Ship, Assault Ship, Crush Colossa, Doomsday Device, Imperial Sword Ship, Odyssey, Piranha Destroyer, Relentless Hawk Fighter, Sian Dragon Fighter, Sian Fighter, Snuuth Shark Ship, Strike Squad Ship, Sussurran Spacefarer, Tactical Attack Ship, Tactical Attack Ship Mark II, TALOS Robo-Interface Ship, The Quatermain, The Shaoquin, Troop Transport

- Currently used: Marsha Kendal, Commander Rautha, Telemachus, Frosty, Meellaa, Lucia the Cobra, Anita, Bolo
- Others: Wollo, Lady Emily the Psi-Hunter, Artemis Kess, Lupin, Lumrax, Screaming Barracuda, Xiang Kua, Lork Jral Bul, Ajax, Maximilian, Larisa, Blitz, Lucas Sezar, Mycroft, Madman Moglub, Aphrodite, Lu Bu, Ragnar, Talia

- Currently used: (Human) Screaming Barracuda Fan, Vulpina, LongWu Guardian, 2x CAH Trooper; (Melee) Drunken Piscarian, Mecha Drake, Cyborg Shark Hunter x2, Zombie Ragnar; (Ranged) Bombardier, Gorgon Gamer, Quarantined Rylattu x3; (Strength) Quattro Mano, Eater, Kakophage x2, CAH Trooper; (Agility) Quarantine Rylattu, Gorgon Gamer, Zombie Rautha, Interceptor Bot x2; (Untyped) Centurian Gamer x2, Rylattu Philosopher, Piscarian Masseuse, Robot Elf.
- Other: Snuuth Electic Angel x1, Missile Commander x1, Kakophage x35, Quarantined Rylattu x112, Vlarg Dragons Fan x1, Space Invader x1, Snuuth Reveler x4, Convict x31, Desert Guide x1, Snuuth Sous Chef x3, Piscarian Reveler x2, Ancilla x16, Vlarg Reveler x2, CAH Assassin x3, Sussurra Warrior x2, Sian Saboteur x3, Time-slip Assassin x11, Inferno Trooper x7, Rylattu Reveler x8, Rylattu Sniper x24, Centaur Gamer x4, Sian Rebel x5, Eater x5, Contella Assassin x7, Gallassa x6, Piscarian Moon Healer x3, Interceptor Bot x7, CAH Trooper x3, SWAT Defender x7, Crimson Medic x6, TALOS Battle Bot x10, TALOS Shield Bot x7, Exterminus Rebel x6.

Materials owned: Rylattu Ultra-Power Doom Sphere x1, Doom Sphere Segment x5, Ally of the Empire Medallion x1, Orange Starmap x2, Letter of Merit x1, Blue Alien Energy Sphere x2, Brown Word-Axe x1, Green Word-Axe x1, Orange Word-Axe x1, Classic Videogame Console 1 x1, Classic Videogame Console 2 x1, Archaic Music Product 2 x1, Grey Sian Commemorative Coin x1
Legendary: Permission Slip 1,2,3,4,6 (missing 5); Brown Cloorian Material, Blue Cloorian Material x2; Deathmachine Arms, Double-Ended Laser Blade x3, Thunderbolt; Purple Starmap, Orange Starmap x2; Grey, Green and Orange Archangel Wing Fragments; Blue Lightning in a Bottle.

Raid data
- Personal: Your Wrath
- Small: Centurian Commander, Garlax Ragebeasts, Supreme Cybertollahs, Nathaniel Vorden, Purple Lion, The Scarlet Harlot, Lupin, Space Pox, Missile Strike
- Medium: Centurian Void Killer, Carnus 9000, Centurian Cruiser, Blood Alley Gang, Advocate Tulk, Caligula, Warden Ramiro, Bashan
- Large: Telemachus, Carnifex Prime, Commander Rautha, Kelovar Assassin, Robotic Rautha, Agony and Ecstasy, Sun Xi's Echo, Anthropist Xenocide Warship
- Epic: Psychic Colonel, Vespasia's Android, Centurian General, Natasha Cybersmash, Centurian Sentinel, Mercury, Guldax Quibberath
- Colossal: Besalaad Warmaster, Mermara

What I'm asking you is: what happens from now on? When you have a minute of time, could you please help me track a roadmap of future development? What items should I look for? What should I spend my GS on? Which raids should I hit and what for? Which projects should I follow in the lab? How should I spend my stat point?
I'll try to update this every now and then. Thanks in advance for your help.

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My Roadmap Empty battle sets for mission battles

Post  mofonius on Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:27 pm

Hi gustavo, as you im not that stronger but found some itens can save you from dangerous mission bosses.

>Baron Beatdown set : looted from cyborg shark, vlarg relic hunter and a big ship(xenocide warship if not mistaken).

This set fully equipped doesnt give the huge hp amount provided by quickserian priest set, but it is compensated by huge def bonuses (+270 for each parts if fully equipped) and 620 total hp.

>Sian dragon set: looted by gut phager, nosferatu nick.

This set seems to be very simple but deadly if fully equipped: main hand,off hand,boots,pants,torso,gloves,helm and a ship, all giving a small bonus do atk, def and hp.

Atm im using fully the baron beatdown and didnt have problem at least with normal difficult until zone 10-1 (including nomal boar)*.*


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My Roadmap Empty Re: My Roadmap

Post  shocellist on Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:36 pm

First off, do you have LSI 7? If not, that should be your first priority!
Secondly, I see you have some Quisk gear and other energy/stam/honor increasing gear. If that is your most powerful gear atk/def wise, you should equip those. If not, you may consider making two item sets. One for raiding, and one for leveling. This will allow you get the most damage out of your atk/def gear while giving you a stam/energy/honor boost right when you level. I believe there is more info on leveling sets in the tutorial area.

Now, you may want to focus on stat farming to boost your BSI. This will get your damage/hit up as you continue to level. There isn't any "ideal" BSI, but where you are now it seems like you can easily get to BSI 10 before getting to level 400. Perhaps even 350. For stat points, focus on atk. You won't need any defense until Z8, and if you have a large health bonus from gear, you won't need too much defense either.
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