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Post  Landrassa on Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:23 pm

This post will be a list of links to external sites that provide useful information or resources that you can use to play the game.

The wiki for (among other things) LOTS. Who drops what loot, which items, officers and crewmembers are out there ready to join your army. Everything you ever wanted to know about LOTS but are afraid to ask.

The LOTS forums Tutorials & Guides section. Contains a lot of information I'll be repeating here, as well as a lot of misinformation by people who made their math teachers despair. Useful for finding out how to get those epic items that require special procs that only occur with specific items equipped(I'm looking at you Dragon Cycle).

This post on the Kong forums gives an in-depth explanation of which tactics to use and when. Bottom line: if you don't have the right tactics, it's better not to put anything at all unless it's your own raid and you're taking it off when you're done.

This link is for a script that makes it easier to manage raids posted in Kongregate chat. It'll show you what kind of raid it is, the max amount of participants, FS and OS, and whether or not you already clicked on that link once.

This link is for a script that will allow you to add and remove massive amounts of people to and from your friends list. Useful for finding all those level 3000+ players for your Galaxy Dome team and for getting a big fleet for the achievements and for Skirmishing in PvP. Note that Kongregate has a maximum of 5000 friends, but once you've friended someone they remain a fleetmember in LOTS, even if you unfriend them on Kong.

A real time listing of all active raids posted in any of the 4 Kong chat channels. Useful for finding specific raids, and hopping on raids posted in other channels. Unsure as to whether or not it requires a script to be installed.

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Useful links and resources Empty Re: Useful links and resources

Post  Nole61 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:57 am

Yaaaay! It's Landy's cool guide! Man, this is a really good compilation of resources. Anyways, one of the best links on the LoTS official forums is this:
A raid loot guide! No more crawling through that wiki! Just hit ctrl-f, and bam! Cthulhu is summoned! You can search for raids!

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