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Rules of the General Forum Empty Rules of the General Forum

Post  Nole61 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:55 pm

Hey guys, this is the general forum, so feel free to talk about whatever, but I should establish some ground rules first.
-No racism
Captain obvious here, right? Please don't be racist unless it happens to be in a really funny joke,
-Be polite
Well, another obvious one. Be polite, and people will be polite to you.
-Use proper spelling/grammar
One of my personal things. If you don't that's fine, but don't expect to get much respect if you misspell or use abbreviations for half the words in your sentence.
-Don't spam, and try not to double post.
Spamming is obvious, don't take up an entire page or so of the forum with pointless stuff. Also, double-posting is just another one of my personal things, so feel free to ignore that.
-Have fun
This is mandatory. We are your friends. And if you don't have fun, you will be eliminated find a way to make some!

So yes, these are some of the foundations of the general forum, so go ahead and enjoy!

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Rules of the General Forum Empty Re: Rules of the General Forum

Post  shocellist on Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:25 am

yah its beter wen pplz use teh gud speling and gramur bcuz tehn u dunt seem liek a dumass Very Happy
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